The success of DIRUI Turkey depends on quality, which is the most important competitive factor of today. For DIRUI Turkey, product, company and employee quality are inseparable. One of our principles is to ensure that the customer can procure the product on time and in accordance with market prices, to reflect the latest technological developments to the products, and to ensure that all employees are competent and qualified in their own fields.Continuous improvement is essential at all levels of our company’s field of activity.

The main task of all administrative staff is to establish quality awareness in their areas of responsibility and to implement training programs at different levels with the philosophy that qualified work can only be provided by qualified, motivated and adequately informed personnel.

Quality for DIRUI Turkey; It is defined as product, firm and employee quality.

Product quality; It means that our products fully meet the needs and expectations of our customers in today’s competitive conditions.

Firm quality; It is to make its customers and all employees feel the quality at all stages, starting from the entrance of the company. The staff who are happy to work in the company, the customers who trust their service and product, and the world-renowned DIRUI brand show this.

Employee quality; It is achieved by working with personnel who are aware of the team spirit, who comply with the company rules, always aim to do the best in the given job, take every opportunity to improve themselves and adopt the institution they work for.

Quality Commitment

  • The company’s quality management system has passed ISO9001, ISO13485 international quality system certification.
  • All DIRUI products are CE certified, and some of which are holding FDA certification.
  • Testing center is approved by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment.(CNAS)
  • RIQAS、RELA、CAP Certificate

Technical Strength

  • Over 10%-15% of sales revenue is invested in R&D each year.
  • Over 30% of employees are R&D engineers.
  • 7 professional laboratories at international standard for biochemistry, urinalysis, hematology, chemiluminescence immunoassay, gynecological secretion analysis, coagulation analysis, and integrated laboratory.       
  • 206 patented technologies.
  • Participate in drafting the industry standards of urine analyzers and urine analysis quality controls

Professional Services


DIRUI has entered into over 120 countries and regions, and set up the local business facilities in Europe, Asia Pacific, America, Africa and CIS, in which way DIRUI can serve the partners and end-users in most efficient and professional way.