Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer
  • Throughput: 180T/H.
  • Sample rack insert, maximum 90 positions.
  • Disposable tip design with intelligent function.
  • Multifunctional reagent disk module, reagent on-board loading available.


Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer
  • Up to 4 modules, maximum throughput: 1280T/H.
  • One-time loading 600 samples &1500 disposable cuvettes.
  • 20 STAT position, STAT sample priority.
  • Sample holder automatic rotation function.
  • 36 reagent positions, 2-8 ℃ refrigeration, loading reagents without shutdown.


  • It supports different forms of combination, and also supports the ISE unit, for laboratory which has biochemistry project with not high throughput request, but requiring high speed for the CLIA project.
  • Biochemistry module: 1600 tests/hour/module.
  • CS-1600 with ISE module: 1760 tests/hour/module (optional).
  • Immunoassay module: 320 tests/hour/module.
  • LIS interface, support the bidirectional communication
  • Available to connect with the LA-60 Sample Processing System


Integrated System
  • Ultra-high throughput: Auto-Biochemical: 2000 tests/ hour / per module. ISE single module: 400 tests/ hour (Optional) Immunoassay module: 320 tests / hour / per modüle.
  • Support online reagent loaded function according to the intelligent design.
  • The special design for the HbA1C reagents realizes automatic hemolysis function to improve the detection efficiency and detection accuracy.
  • LIS interface, support the bidirectional communication.