FB-100 Fecal Occult Blood Analyzer
FB-100 fecal occult blood analyzer conducts automated quantitative analysis based on latex enhanced turbidimetric immunoassay intended to detect small amounts of human hemoglobin in feces, which may be the only symptom in colorectal cancer screening.
> Fully Automated
Utilizes barcode reader for on-line sample and reagent management and bi-directional LIS connection.
Automatic Calibration and QC, Calibration curve monitoring, calculation and regular QC functions are available.
> Compact with Perfect Performance
.Capable of conducting up to 240 tests per hour, providing quantitative results.
> Special Sampling Tube  
Featuring an easy to use sampling tube.  The FB-100 utilizes a specially designed probe and tube combination which provides an convenient sampling solution for both the patient as well as the laboratory.  The sealed sampling tube also ensures highly accurate sample results as well as maintaining the sanitary conditions of the workspace.
> Built-in inventory management system
Storage capacity of 12,000 quantitative results, including patient information and data.
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