FUS-200 Urine Sediment Analyzer
> Auto loader capacity: 50 samples/ 270 samples optional
> Test Principle: flow cell digital imaging technology, artificial intelligence identification technique
> Test Items: red blood cells, white blood cells, epithelial cell, casts, crystals, bacteria etc totally 12 visible components in urine
> Throughput: 120 samples/hour
> Sample volume: 3ml non centrifugal urine, 1ml aspiration volume
> Sample information processing: automatic identification of patient sample barcode number,  automatic input of barcode information
> High-quality images collection; adopt automatic focus technology and special design high depth of field microscope, fully guarantee clarity of the images
> Fully automatic walk away mode: after placing the samples, the instrument automatically keeps conducting automatic samples detection, automatic sample racks overload alarm
> Can be perfectly connected to urine analyzer  
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