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Company Profile

» Keep in line with customer needs and demands the highest level of customer pleasure,
» Take customer pleasure as a measure of the efficiency of our quality system,
» Put the research and development process on the agenda with best procedure in our services, improve our service quality  
» Work with gracious staff who know the business
» Support of quality assurance system with participation of all staff

        DIRUI Turkey achievements of the company depends on the quality of today's most important competitive factor. Product, company and staff quality are an inseparable whole for DIRUI Turkey. Supply of costumers can provide the products timely and according to the market price, reflect the latest technological developments in products, all staff to ensure that adequate and qualified in their field is one of our principles.

         Continuous improvement of our company’s business is essential at all stage.

       The main task of all administrative staff is which establish to the quality consciousness in their area of responsibility and can be applied by varying levels of staff training programs with philosophy which sufficient work can be achieved only by qualified, motivated and had adequate knowledge staff.

          Quality for DIRUI Turkey; is defined as product, company and staff quality

       Product Quality; our products are fully met the needs and expectations of our customers in competitive conditions.

       Company Quality; starting from the entrance to the quality of the company's customers and employees to be able to feel at all stages. The staff who is happy to working in the company, customers who rely on the services and products and globally recognized brand, it also shows DIRUI.

      Staff Quality; ensure by working with staff which complies with the company rules, aim to always given good job, evaluates every opportunity to develop itself and aware of the work that adopts the team spirit.

       DIRUI is an ISO9001 and ISO13485 certified manufacturer.  With quality at the forefront of our corporate ideology DIRUI has successfully gained  good reputation in the international medical industry and shall strive indefatigably to provide our customers with ever improving products and service.  


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