DIRUI: Attended 67th CMEF with New Products

  With every series of medical products, DIRUI Industrial Co., Ltd. attended the 67th CMEF from April 17th to 20th, 2012, showing its great R&D strength and innovation advantage in the medical industry. Among all the products, the newly-produced CS-6400 Auto-Chemistry Analyzer gained much attention as it led domestic bio-chemical analyzers into the era of speedy testing with its super-fast testing speed. Meanwhile, DIRUI and the world-famous company Siemens gave a presentation regarding "Siemens’s purchase of DIRUI CS-1300 Auto-Chemistry Analyzer" on the forum spot. The medical industry witnessed DIRUI’s technology R&D ability and superiority.
Stand on a new starting point
  Based on R&D technology and innovation ability, DIRUI weeds through the old and brings forth the new, promoting the development of the medical industry. On the subject of "Stand on a new starting point", DIRUI looked back at the developing achievements of the past 20 years since its establishment, and shared its determination and commitment that pushed the development of the medical industry at the present forum. In the exhibition hall, DIRUI exhibited Auto-Chemistry Analyzer, Automatic Urinalysis System, Urine Analyzer, Fecal Occult Blood Analyzer, Automatic Hematology Analyzer, and other sophisticated products, and brought complete medical lab solutions that lead the industry.

DIRUI’s exhibition stand; Products of innovative technology winning great popularity 

Lead the industry
  CS-6400 Auto-Chemistry Analyzer—DIRUI’s newest R&D achievement—caught the professionals’ attention on the spot. On the forefront of advanced modular design, the instrument represents China’s highest level of fully automatic biochemical analyzer technology. Each module could operate independently, and there is no disruption between modules. The analyzer could achieve the testing speed of 7360 if it’s equipped with an ISE module. At present, it is the fastest analyzer of the kind at home. As CS-6400 Auto-Chemistry Analyzer comes into being, a new era of super fast testing inside the country begins.

DIRUI’s products caught the eye of international customers

Joint hands with Siemens, promoting the development of the medical industry
  During the CMEF, DIRUI and world-famous Siemens gave a joint presentation on the new product CS-1300 Auto-Chemistry Analyzer. President Song Jie of DIRUI, Sales Director Mr. Yu Mingxin of DIRUI, Vice CEO of Global Customer Managing Mr. Rui Brandao of Siemens, and North East Asia CEO Mr. Zeng Fanzhong presented themselves for the presentation, declaring that they would join hands to put out CS-1300 Auto-Chemistry Analyzer. DIRUI proved once again that it had put its commitment "Share China’s Masterpieces with the World" into action. 

DIRUI CS-1300 Auto-Chemistry Analyzer displayed on Siemens’s exhibition stand

  Manufactured by DIRUI, CS-1300 Auto-Chemistry Analyzer has an advanced photometric system and accurate sample-dispensing mechanism, featuring stable temperature control and effective rinsing. This time, Siemens’s purchase of CS-1300 Auto-Chemistry Analyzer developed by DIRUI not only means DIRUI has gained Siemens’s recognition, but also means China’s products have gained world-famous brands’ recognition. The association between the two strong enterprises will push the development of the medical industry and provide new support for the development of China’s medical career.

Leaders of DIRUI and Siemens at the presentation
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