DIRUI: Put out first domestic 7360T/H automatic bio-chemical testing flow line

  At present, the first domestic automatic bio-chemical testing flow line with a throughput of 7360 tests per hour, developed and manufactured by DIRUI, has been installed and put into use after adjustment in the Central Hospital of XinXiang City, Henan Province. Offering faster, more accurate, more stable, and more complete testing service, this flow line would fully meet the demand for clinical examination in hospitals.


DIRUI CS-6400 Auto-Chemistry Analyzer operates formally in Central Hospital, Xinxiang, Henan 


  On May, 15th, 2012, DIRUI Industrial Co., Ltd. and Central Hospital of Xinxiang City, Henan Province held a joint ribbon-cutting ceremony for the first domestic automatic bio-chemical testing flow line with a throughput of 7360 tests per hour, celebrating the first installation of the super-fast CS-6400 Auto-Chemistry Analyzer and the whole flow-line equipment. "As a significant achievement of DIRUI’s development, CS-6400 Auto-Chemistry Analyzer not only represents DIRUI’s advanced technology in the industry of bio-chemical analysis, but also stands for the highest technology of China’s automatic bio-chemical analyzers," Present Song Yong of DIRUI remarked. 


President Song Yong of DIRUI addressing the ribbon-cutting ceremony


  On the forefront of advanced modular design, CS-6400 Auto-Chemistry Analyzer could achieve the throughput of 1600, 3200, 4800, and 6400 after combination to meet the different demands of hospitals of each rank. If equipped with an ISE module, the instrument could achieve 7360T/H, the fastest testing throughput in the country till now. The installed 7360T/H automatic biochemical testing flow line has a complete testing combination, top testing efficiency at home, user-friendly operating system, high accuracy, high stability, and other features, which could provide Central Hospital of XinXiang City with scientific and accurate evidence for the clinical diagnosis, improve the testing level and quality of the hospital, and offer a great support for the development of the healthcare undertaking of Henan Province.


Leaders and distinguished guests at the ceremony 

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